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ISTRIA – Our recommendations

Villa Lorraine-a comfortable private vacation rental

Villa Lorraine is specific for its quiet and peaceful location with an easy access to numerous activities and interesting sights. Our recommendations include:
Numerous fine dining restaurants, beautiful Istrian beaches, historical sights, possibility to enjoy a bike ride through a charming landscape just a few minutes from our Villa. We will gladly assist you in the selection of the activity according to your liking and wishes.

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Our highlighted recommendations:

Cycling in Istria – our recommendation for active holiday

Cycling is recommended to all who prefer an active holiday. There are numerous cycling routes in Fažana and south Istria specialized in this type of recreation. Apart from adding happy years to your life by the help of a bike, it can also serve as a perfect tourist guide on your holiday. You will experience Istria in a completely different way with the bike's assistance.

Regardless of whether you ride a bike professionally or just as a part of your recreation, cycling tours in Istria will thrill you. Imagine you ride a bike and enjoy the view of the clear blue sea, untouched nature on the side of macadam roads, picturesque places from old movies, the aroma of medicinal herbs accompanied by a joyful bird song?

Yes, this is all possible whicle cycling in Istria. The real holiday for your soul and body, isnt' it?

301 VASIANUM Cycling Route

The route begins in Fažana and goes through Valbandon, then crosses the Ližnje moro forest and finishes back in Fažana. The official length of this route is about 13 kilometres. The route is easy, and the ride is about 1.5 hours long.

You may enjoy the view of the magnificent Brijuni islands during the entire route.

St. ELISEUS Cycling Route

This somewhat shorter route passes through the Fažana Riviera. It starts in Fažana, goes through Valbandon, continues to the church of St. Eliseus and then goes back to Fažana. This easy 11 km long route takes about one hour to complete.

Apart from enjoying the beauties of natural surrounding and the view of Brijuni, the most attractive sight along the route is the 6th century Romanesque church of St. Eliseus.

Restaurant recommendations:

Boccaporta Tavern (Pula, Istria)- traditional Istrian dishes, homemade prosciutto, homemade cheeses, homemade Istrian pasta, bread dipped in red wine and other Istrian delicacies

La Bodega (Fažana, Istria) – seafood specialities, Mediterannean food, traditional Croatian dishes, barbecue, wine bar

Arboretum Chakula & Beer (Fažana, Istria)- for all hamburger and beer lovers, house speciality 'Black Angus and homemade sauces'

Beach recommendations:

San Lorenzo Beach (Fažana, Istria)-gravel and concrete beach, rent-a-beach chair, beach bars for refreshment

Puntižela Beach (Fažana, Istria)- gravel beach, rest benches, promenades, a coffee shop

Badel Beach (Fažana, Istria)-gravel beach, north side of Fažana, rent-a-beach chair and sun umbrella, beach bar

Dječje igralište (Children's Playground) Beach (Fažana, Istria)-gravel beach ideal for children, youth and athletes due to its numerous activities, exercising equipment

Villa Lorraine

Excursion recommendations

Brijuni excursion

National Park Brijuni is one of the most beautiful sights in Croatia. A small archipelago consists of two big islands and 12 small islands located 3 km west off the coast of the Istrian peninsula.

Veliki Brijun and Mali Brijun were inhabited during the prehistoric times which has left visible remains of the Byzanthium and Roman culture contributing to the distinctiveness of this archipelago and its magnificent beauty. The fusion of beautiful lawns and forests surrounded by the blue Adriatic sea guarantees an unforgettable experience for all generations.

The sea surrounding Brijuni is a protected area inhabited by all types of fish, crabs, sponges, turtles, and even dolphins.

Veli Brijun has become a safari park with zebras, camels, elephants, ostriches and deer still freely roaming about.

The Brijuni excursion is a must-see experience. In any sense of the word, this archipelago is one of the most unusual and romantic places on the Croatian coast.

Brijuni can also be visited by taking a ferry which runs daily from Fažana to Veli Brijun.

If you love playing golf, Brijuni has the oldest golf course in this part of Euope. Its 18 holes spread along 5,531 meters. The course is suitable for recreational and amateur golfers. Its special charm comes from the untouched nature which surrounds it and the possibility to play golf on the very coast of the Adriatic sea. We believe you will enjoy in this aristocratic game and the serenity of greenery in the company of peacocks, deer, hares and mouflons. A special experience indeed to be long remembered.

Cape Kamenjak Nature Park (Istria)

Kamenjak Nature Park is situated in the far south of Istria as part of Premantura. The coast of this 9 km long peninsula offers numerous beautiful bays and beaches.

Bays are perhaps the most beautiful part of this peninsula, surrounded by the clear blue sea. The clear blue quality of the sea around Kamenjak has been proven by an increasing sighting of the Mediterranean monk seal around the cape. It is a known fact that Mediterranean monk seals live only in the sea of the highest quality.

Caves located underneath give a special and mysterious tone to this area of exceptional beauty. For all those nature lovers, Cape Kamenjak is the home of as many as 600 different plants among which the endemic Serapias Istriaca must be emphasized. Truly a paradise, isn't it?

There is another peculiarity to this nature park – dinosaur footprints on the Fenoliga island along the southern edge of Kamenjak.

After enjoying in the peace and quiet of this national park, you can look for some refreshment in the Safari Bar which design has been fully harmonized with the natural environment.

Kamenjak Nature Park is truly a world of its own.

Motovun (Istria)

Motovun or 'the town from the sky', as it is sometimes refered to, is one of the must-see places. Motovun is located on the small hill, from the top of which, when you come near it, spreads a magnificent view of the gold surrounding fields and the Adriatic Sea. Many who have experienced it say this is one of the most beautiful views they have ever seen.

Motovun is surrounded by the forest rich with truffles harvested every year. It is no wonder then there are several specialized truffle shops in Motovun as well as restaurants in which you can enjoy luxurious dishes starring the truffle.

Moreover, truffle popularity in this area has given birth to truffle hunters, and if you book in advance you can also enjoy in truffle hunting with dogs, which is especially entertaining.

The Motovun area is well known for the production of premium wine. Vineyards spreading across rolling hills are abundant in sweet grapes which are turned into high quality wine every year.

We highly recommend you visit this charming little town of incredible positive energy.

Grožnjan (Istria)

Grožnjan or better known as 'the town of artists' is located in the northwest of Istria. As its nickname implies, cute alleys crossing this town are filled with galleries and art studios. Unique works of art are exhibited in the galleries and available for purchase.

Take some time to visit this town, and you will be delighted by its charm. Especially in summer when numerous outdoor jazz and classical concerts take place, and the entire town is filled with magnificent sounds of acoustic instruments.

Cultural events, interesting sights and entertainment recommendations

Pula film festival

The Pula Film Festival is the oldest Croatian film festival. It has taken place in the Pula Amphitheatre once a year since 1954. What makes this open air festival interesting is that the films are screened under the starry sky.

It has been visited by numeous world movie stars over the years such as Jeremy Irons, John Malkovich, Sophia Loren, Ben Kingsley, Orson Welles, Ralph Fiennes, Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor and many others.

Motovun Film Festival

The Motovun Film Festival has taken place since 1999. It is dedicated to small and independent movies made throughout the world. This Festival is not a usual display of glamour and expensive gowns. On the contrary, movies are screened in open air under the starry sky without the VIP protocol.

During the Festival, this medieval town lives non-stop.

Truffle days

Truffle Days are organized in autumn i.e. in October during the peak of the white truffle season, the most valued truffle of all. The festival honouring these noble mushrooms takes place in Livade, a well-known truffle town near Motovun.

During the festival you may learn more about this precious royal mushroom which has taken a special place in the world gastronomy as well as taste traditional truffle dishes such as gnocchi, pljukanci pasta, omelette, meat delicacies. Bon apetit!

Prosciutto Fair

The Prosciutto Fair, which takes place in October in Tinjan, is filled with irresistable flavours and aromas of this gastronomic speciality. The fair gathers best prosciutto makers from Croatia and its neighbouring countries including Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Serbia and Montenegro.

You may join the guided tastings and learn how to enjoy the taste of prosciutto, how to taste and slice it. The fair also offers recreational events for active lifestyle lovers, who can enjoy hiking along the easy trail mainly made of forest and macadam roads around Tinjan.